GreyForum 3.1

Video Presentations of the morning

Presentation Savic - Open Access to Nuclear Information

Presentation Tonkin - RIF-CS and CERIF Alignment Study: All that and a Service Registry

Presentation Doorn - Providing access to research data, publications and current research information at DANS

Presentation Stathopoulos - Open Standards, the Cloud, and GL

Presentation Ostaszewski  - Academic Community: Attitude towards Open Science, Social Context of the Science System Transformation in Poland

Presentation Castelli - The Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe: OpenAIRE

Video Presentations of the afternoon:

Presentation Amanda Lawrence - Understanding the evidence base: grey literature in policy and practice

Presentation Stock - OpenGrey Repository

Presentation Farace e Biagioni - GreyGuide Forum and Repository

Presentation Pejsova - Grey Literature as a part of eBooks on Demand project

Presentation Giannini - Open Access to Grey Literature: The  PUMA Service”

Presentation Manghi - OpenAIRE guidelines for Repositories: PUMA's use-case

Presentation Gruttemeier - Access and citation through identifiers: DataCite at the service of grey literature

Presentation De Castro - Grey literature collections in the field of public health, produced by the National Institute of Health, online available since the year 2000

Presentation Farace - GreyNet - Inspired by its mission, innovative in serving the Grey Literature Community

Day Discussion -  Pisa Declaration

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